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Facebook is being sued. POSH knows how to help you avoid the storm.

Remember when you started seeing Facebook pay off? You started running ads, and you were getting leads for pennies. Your ROI was incredible, and you felt on top of the world.

Then the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. But you weren't feeling the effects, as the data being "sold" was mainly of a political nature. During the Congressional hearings about this, Facebook's ad platform was scrutinized for the first time by Federal authorities. Targeting options were removed, making advertising a little more difficult, but not impossible. Savvy advertisers found ways to make the platform work for them, despite the changes.

A direct result of this investigation set off radars at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD has sued Facebook for enabling real estate and mortgage advertisers to potentially violate the Fair Housing Act (FHA) by targeting or excluding various potential home buyers. 

While at first blush, this should only be affecting advertisers in the housing industry, thus affecting everyone. The typical results will happen: Costs per lead will skyrocket, ads will become less effective, and public trust in the platform will be eroded.

So what's the answer?

Google Ads solve all three problems. First, the biggest issue with Facebook ads existed before the scandal broke: intent. Facebook ads serve as digital billboards, flooding newsfeeds much like signs on the highway. The intent of the person clicking on the ad is not known. In real estate, for example, people would click ads simply to look at pretty pictures. Ditto for retail and automobiles. 

Google ads are intent-based. They don't display unless someone has actively searched for your product or service. They can be tied to your analytics account for more detailed targeting.

Cost per lead was the initial reason advertisers flocked to Facebook. They were willing to sacrifice quality for lower cost, However, with increased costs as a result of less targeting options, the cost differential between Google Ads and Facebook is narrowing. Higher intent, or quality, is now something most advertisers are seeking, but most of them have never spent time learning the strategy and best practices behind the platform.

Public trust in Facebook is plummeting. What most people saw as a good are now starting to leave the social media giant in droves, yet advertisers, just now catching on to the phenomenon, have been flooding newsfeeds with ads. So why be a small fish in a huge pond?

Make the switch today. Be where the smart advertisers are going before your competition gets there. Get on Google. POSH can help.

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