5 Huge Digital Marketing Myths

Business Owners: PLEASE Watch Through The End!

In discussions with clients and potential clients over the past couple of weeks, I have heard some interesting things. Some of which I hear often, but some of which I haven’t heard before. So this week, I wanted to take some time and explain the truth behind some of the myths I have heard recently.

Myth #1: SEO doesn’t matter anymore because of social media

While there have been several versions of the “SEO doesn’t matter” story going around lately, this particular spin was new to me. Social media has made SEO irrelevant? This was what a prospective client was told by a different digital marketing company when shopping services.

According to the prospective client, they were trying to figure out where to invest money, and mentioned to the salesperson that they were thinking about investing in search engine optimization. The salesperson responded with the claim above.

First off, SEO has not lost its importance, nor is that something on the horizon. Secondly, the two are completely different marketing products, with one having very little impact on the other. Social media is a valuable marketing tool. However, the statistics bear out the exact opposite of this claim: Organic SERP clicks convert at a rate that is 322% higher than social media. In other words, while SEO is a longer play and involves some heavy lifting, the investment pays off in many ways.

Consumers value websites that are ranked high for their search queries. As long as this remains true, there is no doubt that SEO will retain its importance.

Myth #2: If someone hasn’t worked in your industry, they can’t market your product or service

This gem came in the mortgage industry. Essentially, someone that used to sell mortgages now promotes themselves as a mortgage marketing guru. Essentially, they told a fellow loan officer that “someone who has never sold a mortgage can’t market mortgages effectively.”

This all-too common myth is pushed by people that have either grown tired of their industry and want to be marketers, or haven’t had much luck in their industry, so they figure they can get into marketing.

Spoiler alert: I have never sold a mortgage. I’ve never sold a house. Yet, for some reason, I have had countless mortgage professionals and Realtors contact me to do their marketing. Why? Because I know how to market. I’ve spent years in the digital marketing industry. I have never been an eye doctor, but my first client ever was a successful optometrist.

If having sold a product was the only qualification to being an effective marketer, then why are salespeople hiring marketing experts? Wouldn’t they already know all they need to know about marketing?

Myth #3: PPC Ads are too expensive

This one is very common. I’ll concede that Google Ads are more expensive than running ads on Facebook. But an effective PPC professional can keep costs low. Much of it comes down to the bidding strategy you are using. But keyword research and targeting also play a role.

Start-up costs for Google Ads are somewhat high, but that is due to the amount of work that goes in to setting up an account properly. Without the right set-up, your ad costs will skyrocket and your performance metrics will not be good.

Some context for this myth: it came in a discussion in a Facebook group where someone had asked about using Google Ads. A handful of marketers chimed in to let the OP know that they just needed a “better” Facebook strategy (which of course, all these marketers had).

Myth #4: Marketers aren’t worth what they charge

This one is more true than many of the other myths we’ve covered so far. While a large number of the digital marketers you see posting videos on Facebook are hacks, there are professional marketers out there that earn their money.

If your marketer or marketing agency is difficult to contact, that might be a sign you have hired the wrong person. If you aren’t receiving regular reports outlining performance and the strategy moving forward, this is another sign. If your marketer seems to be pushing you into one solution and one solution only, this is a HUGE red flag.

Many marketers aren’t worth what they are charging. Some are worth every penny. Watch out for some of the warning signs.

Myth #5: There is a magic bullet to online marketing

Finally, we have arrived at the big one. The myth that nearly every digital marketer pushes on potential clients. They use code words to describe this, like “proven system”.

While all advertising involves a bit of hyperbole, this practice has really put a negative spin on the industry as a whole.

The truth of the matter is this; without a comprehensive approach to digital marketing, no “system” on one platform is going to cure all your ills. Look at lead generation: there are better and worse ways to generate leads online. However, no “system” is going to convert leads at a consistently higher rate than any other over the long term.

Some platforms provide higher intent leads. Some strategies find people that will convert slightly quicker. However, the simple fact is that leads only convert as well as you work them.

No marketer wants to tell you this, because at the end of the day, it saps the magic away from what they do. But leads are still an essential element in any sales organization. At POSH we can build follow-up systems for you to help you with lead conversion. We can generate higher intent leads because we all have our Google Ads certifications.

We provide monthly reports for you to see what’s working and what isn’t. We don’t push any one platform on you, but rather, give you options that fit your goals and budget. We’re able to help you with SEO, social media, PPC, and also build winning follow-up content in a CRM.

So while we aren’t giving you a magic bullet, we do provide you with a path to success, no matter what industry you work in. Call us today for a free consultation.

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