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How Ad Extensions Can Help Your Google Ads Performance

When you are creating Google search ads, you are given the option to incorporate various extensions into the ad itself. These come in various forms, but all serve the same general purpose. To make your ad more prominent, while advertising various features of your business, and also giving customers more ways to interact with you and your company.

Sometimes it can be confusing which extensions would work best for your business, and for your various advertising goals. Also, this will help any business owner that is looking to hire a firm or independent contractor to run Google Ads for them, as it will help determine the proficiency of the advertiser in question.

First off, let’s talk about the benefits of running search ads with ad extensions. A basic search ad, with absolutely no extensions looks much like a normal Google search result. It doesn’t take up much screen space, and is fairly easy to scroll past on a mobile phone. In our hyperactive world, if you are not capturing someone’s attention almost immediately, you have already lost them.

Ad extensions give you the benefit of creating a more prominent ad, that takes up much more space than the traditional text ad. For example, here is how a recent ad we ran for a client appears on a mobile device:

The entire screen is taken up by the ad, forcing the user to at least look at it. And with a clear, concise headline, it would easily catch the attention of the consumer.

Now, on to the functions of the various types of extensions. The first extensions you see are the hyperlinked text near the bottom. Those are what are known as sitelink extensions. These extensions allow you to place multiple links from your website into one ad. So now, rather than just the main link in the headline, we can direct the consumer to various high-value pages on our site. For example, someone may not be looking to purchase a home in Plymouth., but they may want to sell their home in Plymouth. Well, “We sell homes for more” is a separate link to take them to the page that would interest them.

Sitelink extensions tend to get a higher CTR than the overall headline itself, in some cases, 5x the average. In addition to taking a tremendous amount of space, the ad speaks to other interests than the headline, allowing the consumer to interact with more products or services your business has to offer.

Speaking of getting people to interact with your business, who wouldn’t want consumers calling them directly, in one of the most frictionless ways imaginable? Enter the call extension. This is exactly what it sounds like. As you can see in the example ad, there is a simple phone icon, with the message “Call 248-388-1680.” The consumer doesn’t even need to visit your website in order to give you a call. They can seamlessly transition from searching for your business, to calling you to purchase a product or inquire about your services.

These work wonders in many industries. The great thing for both the business owner and the advertiser is that Google tracks statistics on the calls, including how long the call lasted, what area code it came from, and what ad the call came from. So now, advertisers can more accurately tell which of their ads are performing well, and business owners are able to see how much time is being spent on the phone with a customer, potentially helping to make the sales force more efficient.

Another, newer, extension is the text extension.Not only can your potential customers text you directly through the ad, you can select whether the text is delivered to your phone, or to an email address. This is especially helpful if you have more than one employee handling customer inquiries. Another beneficial feature of this extension is that you can prepare not only the inbound text you receive, but also an automated response that the customer will receive from you.

For example, let’s say you manage a car dealership. You can have an email address that forwards to various salespersons, and they will receive the text message in an email. The prepared message could say something to the effect of “Hi, I am wondering about financing!” to which the automatic response could come back as “Great! Our financing specialist will reach out shortly!” How seamless is it to have the consumer text you without even having clicked to your website?

Other extensions that are extremely helpful include callout extensions, which enable you to highlight features of your business. You might have an e-commerce operation and use callout extensions to let your customers know you offer free shipping, or perhaps various discounts.

Structured snippets allow you to present organized subcategories on your ad. One category, for instance, is “Amenities.” Let’s say you own a hotel. You could have an “Amenities” category that lists the “olympic size pool” and “luxurious spa” in your establishment. There are several categories and headers to choose from, so the possibilities are fairly vast.

Overall, the use of these ad extensions might not seem like much, but they are powerful tools in the Google Ads platform.

As always, if you are looking to take your Google Ads game to the next level, contact POSH Detroit today.

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