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One of the awesome features of Google Ads is the click-to-call ad. Many paid search providers only use these ads for their clients that have a “sense of urgency” baked into their business model. For example, a towing company that offers 24 hour towing, or a personal injury attorney. However, there are many cases in which a click-to-call ad can be extremely beneficial to you as a business owner. Today, I want to outline some best practices on click-to-call ads, give you some real case study information, and also discuss pitfalls associated with them.

Best Practices

First, let’s look at best practices. Taking a cue from “urgent” businesses, we can ascertain what keywords to use for our ad. Let’s take real estate as an example. When you think of situations when someone might want a more immediate response from a Realtor, you can think of someone that wants to sell their home quickly. There are a multitude of reasons someone might want to do this. You can also borrow from other segments of the industry (think investors) and how someone willing to sell to an investor might search for real estate services.

Is immediacy the only quality that makes a solid click-to-call ad? Hardly. Much like any Google Ad, you need to take several factors into consideration. For example: age of your market, technical sophistication, and even the median income. Taking these into account can help you determine if click-to-call is a wise investment for you.

As far as running these ads is concerned, it is helpful to keep them in a separate ad group from other ads. The reasons may seem obvious, but there are a couple of unintentional benefits to doing this. One such benefit would be bid adjustments. Let’s use digital marketing as an example industry. If I want to drive calls to the POSH Digital Media office, I can use terms like “hire a digital marketing firm now” in my click-to-call ad. I can use this same term in my search ad, but it might have better results on the click-to-call ad. So I would be wise to bid higher on that term. Conversely, a search term like “detroit google marketing” might be a great converting keyword in my search ad, but it doesn’t have that sense of urgency, and therefore, might not be driving motivated callers.

Another benefit is tracking. I usually keep a call extension in my text ads as well. I can determine more easily if my click-to-call ad is reaching the right customers. Especially if I have sorted my keywords in the proper manner. Not to say that I won’t get good calls from the call extension in the expanded text ad, but if I am seeing a discrepancy, I can make the proper adjustments.

The goal of any click-to-call campaign is to find the highly motivated customer that is already further down the purchase funnel than the average searcher. Keeping this in mind will help you set up and execute your click-to-call ads.

So Does It Work?

Much like any business running Google Ads, I can write a book about theoretical concepts. However, the smart business owner will say “this sounds great, but does it work?” In short, yes. But let’s look at some real world examples from a couple of clients we work with.

Case #1: Detroit Google Marketers Help Detroit Towing Company

As you’ll see below, our click-to-call campaign had the phones ringing off the hook for a client that owns a small towing company in Metro Detroit.

From January 11th-February 11th, we generated 124 phone calls for our client. These were for emergency tows and junk car removal. Our client profited over $37,000 in this one month alone from this particular campaign.

Case #2: Detroit Digital Marketing Agency Helps Sell Cincinnati Homes

Our client in Cincinnati came to us looking to book more real estate listing appointments. We implemented an aggressive strategy for click-to-call ads, focusing on those looking to sell their homes.

Real estate marketing can be tricky. As many consumers are getting ad fatigue from the sheer volume of Realtors marketing to them, and frustrated by shady industry tactics, getting clients to commit to using a Realtor has become harder.

However, we went at this project the same way we do any, and the results spoke for themselves.

74 phone calls, leading to 21 listing appointments. Listings that have a value to our client of over $150,000 in commissions. This was achieved in the first quarter of 2020. Could your business use that kind of money?

Case #3: Detroit Marketing Agency Explodes Phones In Tampa, FL

This particular case might be one of my favorite examples of the power of click-to-call ads, done right. Our client in Tampa entrusted us to drive phone calls to his office. In the first month we were able to do the following:

108 phone calls, with a deal worth $15,000 within the first HOUR of the ad being active. Overall, that first month saw our client net $63,500.

This being said, let’s move on to the caveats and pitfalls of click-to-call ads.

What To Watch Out For

There are several misunderstandings and misconceptions associated with click-to-call ads, and I want to clear the air.

First, it is important to understand that a click-to-call ad requires 2 clicks to convert. The consumer must push the call button in the ad, then push call on their mobile phone in order for the call to be completed. However, you are charged on the FIRST click. So it may very well happen that several people hit the button, but don’t call. Often, this is done simply by mistake.

In order to combat this, I suggest making your ad copy VERY clear. Let the consumer know that the ad will lead to them making a phone call. This will reduce the number of phantom clicks.

Another caveat is expense. I would budget no less than $750/month for click-to-call ads alone. Do not simply throw leftover budget at them, or they will prove to be ineffective.

Also, do not expect to see explosive results right away. Our client in Tampa’s case is unique in the sense that his ads took off immediately. Expect to invest at least 2-3 months into these ads to see significant return.

Want to drive more calls to your business? Let POSH Digital Media help you get the phones ringing today!

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