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Do You Need A Niche Marketer?

So much of what is being pushed upon small business owners and entrepreneurs lately is “niche marketing.” What is it, and more importantly, does it matter? Today, we’re going to explore that topic.

Niche marketing’s basic message is this: Because we have ‘expertise’ in your line of work, we are better suited to handle your marketing than an agency.

On the surface, this is a logical statement. Who could understand, say, mortgage marketing, better than someone that knows the mortgage industry?

But think about it: You obviously know your industry (you’re in it). So if knowing your industry is the key to effective marketing, then why are you looking for a marketing solution? Shouldn’t your industry knowledge enable you to be your own best marketer?

The truth of the matter is more complicated. Yes, it might help to speak the language, understand products/services, and to understand the motivation of someone that would be seeking those particular products or services.

However, it isn’t too complicated to figure out why someone might be seeking a mortgage. It isn’t complicated to understand why someone might be seeking the counsel of a bankruptcy attorney.

An effective marketer takes time to get to know their client, and furthermore, their client’s client. Understanding the needs of both enables a competent marketer to effectively assist in growing the business he is charged with growing.

So why the focus on niche marketing? Well, the answer is two-fold. On the one hand, there are some stellar marketers out there that work solely in one industry. However, the vast majority are so limited in their MARKETING knowledge, that they ONLY know how to market one industry. And they do this to varying degrees of proficiency.

The other reason is fairly simple as well: it is easier to sell their services to you if you think they are an expert in your field. It is human nature to gravitate toward similarity, and if I were to be speaking to you like a colleague rather than a marketer, you might be more inclined to hire me.

However, marketing mortgages, for instance, is no different than marketing watches. There are principles in digital marketing that work across the board, in all industries. Hiring someone simply because they know your product or service severely limits you.

POSH Detroit is not a niche marketing company (have you figured that out yet?) Utilizing our expertise, we are able to assist you in any venture. Whether you are a retailer, battling Amazon for customers, or a mortgage lender, having to contend with Quicken Loans.

Let POSH Detroit go to work for you.

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