Is POSH A Real Estate Marketing Company?

Updated: Jan 15

This is a question we are asked constantly at POSH Detroit. The short answer is no. The long answer is that while POSH Detroit does provide marketing solutions that have helped Realtors all across the country, we are not a niche marketing company. To see why we aren’t simply a niche marketing company, check out this article.

So what has POSH done in other industries? Let’s take a look at some of the different industries where we have helped our clients grow their businesses, simply by doing what we do best, freeing them up to do what they do best.

One of our first clients is a family-owned carpet cleaning business based in Livonia, Michigan. POSH is currently working on revamping their website, allowing them to tell their story and connect with customers in a meaningful way. With the proprietary POSH system of marketing, this small company is now planning to expand their operations to another state, has added commercial janitorial services, and their brand is almost synonymous with clean carpets throughout Metro Detroit.

POSH has also assisted several mortgage lenders put people into their dream homes. An early Google Ads campaign we ran for a lender resulted in generating 110 leads in a month, at a cost of $8.00 per long form lead. More recently, we built out a CRM for another lender, which included automated follow-ups. This has enabled our client to work on building their sales team, while lining up millions of dollars in business.

Prominent professionals also trust POSH Detroit to handle their digital marketing needs. A Wayne County attorney recently noticed his organic search performance was lagging. So he contacted POSH Detroit, based on a referral from another client, and within a month, we had his site performing better across all metrics. He has started to rank for important keywords and is seeing improved web traffic, both in terms of quality and quantity.

The retail space is dominated by giants like Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon. While these names are powerful, POSH Detroit has assisted our retail clients in their quest to improve online sales. To that end, within 2 weeks of taking over their Google Ads campaigns, POSH had increased sales over the previous year. Their ads are outperforming Amazon in terms of impression share and absolute top of page rate, two important metrics in today’s search landscape.

So, have the tactics and expertise POSH Detroit has developed over the years helped build the number one independent real estate brokerage in Metro Detroit? Yes. Have we assisted Realtors in markets as diverse as Los Angeles, Austin, Santa Barbara and Tampa improve their digital marketing presence and helped them grow their business? Yes.

But that isn’t all POSH can do. So if you have a business and you want to get the maximum ROI from your budget, let’s have a chat about what the power of POSH can do for you!


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